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Very few people get to the top without failure or discomfort along the way. You’ve worked hard to build a great reputation but it only takes one negative press article, an angry business partner, a bad review, one financial mistake, or simply just a run of bad luck to ruin it overnight.

You’re judged by your search results, right or wrong. No one cares whether the results are true or not. It doesn’t matter how old the stories are, or how much success you’ve achieved since then.

Google is the first place people go to find out about you. What’s written about you online matters, because people will believe it and judge you accordingly. So if there’s bad stuff about you on page one it’s going to affect your whole life. And it can be devastating. But we have the answer.

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/ / What we do:

We specialise in repairing your online profile, replacing negative search results with positive coverage; restoring your reputation quickly and effectively.

We try and eliminate all the negative content; but if we can’t, we attack its integrity using a range of advanced techniques and in-depth knowledge of how search engines work. We also create new content which will be consistently placed on domains with excellent levels of authority. This content will rank higher than many of the negative results, thus pushing them off the first few pages.

/ What we offer:


A proven, successful combination of PR and SEO know-how


A bespoke, hands-on service that takes control of your reputation


Results on a fixed timescale - with no long-term contract

/ What we don’t do:


We’re not an expensive monitoring service - that tells you what you already know


This is not some ‘rebranded’ PR offering


We’re not selling you a fancy software program - which sends you the search results you can find yourself


We’re not an identity manager – we’re not going to try to change you


We’re not looking to tie you in for years on end


Our service is not for everyone – we only work with people at the top of their game

/ You can’t do this yourself – you’ll just make it worse

Many people are advised to simply polish up their LinkedIn account and set up a few web pages here and there in the hope that Google will promote these pages above the negative content. But Google’s complex algorithm, which controls and updates the search engine regularly, is alert to attempts to ‘game’ the system and will punish those it sees as trying to outwit it.

There’s also no point in just writing lots of blog posts in the hope they’ll rank above the negative content. Unless the blog posts have high domain authority and are linked effectively, all you’re doing is wasting your time and money. Why put lots of effort into creating a tranche of new online content - which then only appears on page three?

Also, if you engage directly with detractors, take bullish legal action, tackle journalists head-on, or respond assertively to online reviews and comments, all you’re doing is drawing further attention to the problem. If you try to tackle a malicious lone blogger, or threaten disgruntled former business partners who are writing about you on social media, you’ll only upset them - and they’ll blog about you even more. Then other bloggers may well join in and before you know it, it has turned into a full-blown campaign against you.

As others have found to their cost, all these things often lead to even more negative coverage and your reputation is damaged even further.

What you really need is professional, strategic help that restores your online reputation, removing negative content through a combination of proven techniques. We tackle negative coverage professionally, defend you from further attack and focus on the present, ensuring that you are known for your positive work and business success. Only this way can you ever shake off those poor online search results.service.

We did it for them. We can do it for you.

Take a look at what we achieved for our clients.