Awards can be the crowning recognition of a successful career. Our specialist team will devise a comprehensive strategy to enhance your profile and help you make the right connections and the best first impression, working behind the scenes to ensure that you are awarded the distinction you deserve.

/ What we do:

With our Honours and Awards service, we work behind the scenes to help you secure the recognition you deserve. We assist you in optimising your chances of being awarded a UK honour by raising and shaping your profile appropriately, helping you make the right connections and creating the right first impression. We provide a discreet, comprehensive service, which is tailored to your needs, giving you the best possible chance of success.

Some websites will tell you that you can simply “buy” an honour: you can’t. There can never be any guarantees that clients will secure any kind of UK honour, from an MBE to a knighthood; these are awarded only to individuals who are outstanding and beyond reproach in their field and who have made significant professional and personal contributions to national life.

As a result, we will only work with you if we believe from our wealth of experience that you have the achievements and personal qualities to receive an honour. If you do, we will work with you to prepare your profile, demonstrate publicly – and to the awarding authorities – how you have contributed and highlight your successes and philanthropic work. We will also guide you through the application process for this, and for other key public appointments or a place in the House of Lords.

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Our client list is confidential and guarding our clients’ privacy is a vital part of our service.

/ How we will help you:


Prepare and raise your profile

We will assist you in identifying which of your ideas and areas of interest will have the most influence and impact on the chances of your gaining a UK honour or other public appointment. We will develop your ideas and refine your outward communications strategy to make sure you are personally identified with these positive messages. In addition, we will strive to widen your personal network, helping you to connect with other high-profile, influential individuals.

We will then secure a broad range of appropriate media opportunities which will generate wide recognition of your ideas and achievements, raise your profile and put you in the minds of those who decide on the awarding of honours. These opportunities will include comment pieces and articles, feature pieces, broadcast interviews and high-profile speaking engagements.


Demonstrate how you can contribute to public life

When it comes to the more senior UK honours such as CBEs and knighthoods, the system can sometimes favour people who have made a substantial contribution to society by holding public appointments. These appointments are made by the Government and act as a clear demonstration of your commitment to public life, and to using your experience and skills for the benefit of others.

These public appointments can include non-executive directorships (NEDs) on the boards of organisations which fall under the jurisdiction of a Whitehall department. Such bodies are known as quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisations (quangos) or arms-length bodies (ALBs). The Government is currently undertaking a major review of quangos, of which there are around 300 at the moment.

We can help you shape your public profile to afford you the best possible chance of security such an appointment, help you complete the application form in a detailed and persuasive manner, and enable you to show your ability to use the knowledge, skills and experience that you have to make a positive and valuable contribution to society.


Highlight your achievements and philanthropic work

People are awarded honours because they demonstrate that they are outstanding at what they do; have achieved considerable success in public life; and are committed to serving Britain and making life better for others.

In addition, if someone is seeking to become a peer through the House of Lords Appointments Commission, they must also demonstrate that they have “knowledge and experience” which will add value to the work of Parliament.

We can ensure that your achievements and philanthropic work are brought to the attention of the individuals on the relevant honours committees. We will help you emphasise these achievements as well as your personal integrity, energy and commitment to others, and make sure that you are recognised for the right reasons.

/ Guiding you through the application processes:

There are three ways to secure any form of UK honour:


A political appointment decided internally by the government or by opposition parties – these honours cannot be applied for by individuals or their supporters and are at the discretion of Parliament


Nomination via the Honours Committee of the Cabinet Office – you can be nominated by others for an honour via application form. Whoever nominates you cannot choose which honour you might receive


Nomination via the House of Lords Appointments Commission – you can apply to be appointed a non-party-political cross-bench life peer, or ‘people’s peer’. To be eligible you must be, and intend to remain, independent of any political party

You can also apply for any advertised public appointment.

We are dedicated to ensuring that you have the best possible chance of success whichever route we decide is the right one for you.

We are a small, tight-knit practice of highly experienced professionals drawn from a range of political and business backgrounds. Headquartered in Soho, our practice operates internationally and we only work with individuals on a bespoke, one-to-one basis.

Our client list is confidential and guarding our clients’ privacy is a vital part of our service.

Let's have a chat!

We would love to be of service. Please get in touch and we can discuss how we can help, in complete confidence and without obligation, over a coffee or lunch.