Our crisis assistance service offers a bespoke service to address your situation. Our experienced team will put in place a comprehensive, multimedia solution to ensure your interests are protected.

/ Whatever your PR crisis, we can help – 24/7:

If you’re anticipating a crisis, reacting to one, or trying to put it behind you, our specialist team will co-ordinate a comprehensive multimedia solution, taking control of the narrative with the objective of protecting your interests and minimising reputational damage.

It’s always best to prepare for a crisis, and decide on a plan of action to safeguard your image and interests. If the worst happens, you’ll be ahead of the game if you’ve already appointed the appropriate spokespeople and ensured there is always someone available who is able to make on-the-spot decisions on your behalf.

Our aim is to transform a public complaint into private engagement, to ensure that your media profile remains professional, polished and positive. Our SEO and social media experts keep a close eye on any situation to make sure no crisis gets out of your and our control.

24-hour hotline

We would love to be of service. Please use our 24-hour hotline and we can discuss how we can help, in complete confidence and without obligation.

/ Is the press running a story on you?

If you’re worried that the press are running adverse publicity about you, don’t panic. These situations are often not as bad as they seem, and most can be quickly turned around into positive stories. Falling back on “No comment” is never a good solution, so our team will react quickly to any negative media coverage and negotiate with editors to make sure you can resolve any inaccuracies and present your side of events.

It’s sometimes the case that a timely, authoritative and considered comment can prove enough to ‘kill’ a story. If it doesn’t, we have a team of dedicated legal specialists at our disposal who are often able to stop an unfavourable narrative from developing further.

/ Has the story already broken?

A key to all public relations is acting quickly, but it becomes absolutely crucial in a crisis. Quickly mustn’t mean hastily, however, and it’s equally important to consider your response carefully rather than provide an off-the-cuff answer which could exacerbate the situation.

Equally, an inadequate or lacklustre response can become the story itself and cause far more damage than the original crisis, both to your reputation and to your bottom line. Let our experts take the lead instead of issuing a poorly planned apology or badly worded tweet just to provide a response.

/ What happens next?

After defusing any immediate crises, we will work quickly to restore your reputation in the media by ensuring that internet searches present you in the best possible light, for example by emphasising your experience and professionalism instead of allowing the focus to be on the story which brought you to us in the first place. Our specialist SEO and social media teams will provide a swift and effective clean-up which leaves you able to move on from any crisis with your reputation intact and your interests protected.


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We would love to be of service. Please use our 24-hour hotline and we can discuss how we can help, in complete confidence and without obligation.