Our Crisis Assistance service offers a tailored approach that will remedy the crisis. Our team will implement a comprehensive and multi-media approach that will ensure your interests are secure.

/ Whatever your PR crisis, we can help – 24/7:

Whether you are planning for, reacting to, or trying to move on from a crisis, our team of specialists can put together a comprehensive multimedia approach, controlling the narrative to secure your interests and mitigating any damage.

Prepare for a crisis in advance. Take steps to safeguard your reputation by deciding on a plan of action ahead of time. Just deciding who your spokespeople should be and making sure there is always someone available who can make decisions quickly can go a long way towards providing a solution should the worst happen.

By moving public complaints to private engagement, we ensure your online profile remains professional and presents a positive image at all times – keeping disagreements out of the news. Our SEO and social media specialists can also keep a watchful eye on the situation to be certain the problem doesn’t get out of hand.

24-hour hotline

We would love to be of service. Please use our 24-hour hotline and we can discuss how we can help, in complete confidence and without obligation.

/ Is the press running a story on you?

Try to remain calm – things may not be as bad as they seem, and most incidents can be turned around quickly and become positives. Saying ‘no comment’ is never a good idea, so our team will act fast to respond to any negative press and negotiate with editors to allow you to present your side of events.

With your reputation at risk, a well-timed, authoritative and thoughtful comment can often be enough to ‘kill’ a story – but if necessary, we have a team of dedicated legal specialists at our disposal who can, in many cases, stop a story in its tracks.

/ Has the story already broken?

Acting fast is important in all aspects of PR, but in a crisis it’s crucial. However, it’s even more important to give careful consideration to your response and not to issue a knee-jerk statement which could exacerbate your situation further.

An insufficient response can become the story – and cause far more damage than the original complaint, not only to your reputation but also to your bottom line. Let us take the lead and don’t issue a half-baked apology or tweet a statement just to get something out there.

/ What happens next?

After fighting any short-term fires, we will work quickly to restore your reputation in the press and online by making sure internet searches present you in the best possible light – highlighting your professional experience and positive reputation, and not the story that brought you to us in the first place.

Our specialist SEO and social media teams will make sure that the clean-up is swift, effective, and enables you to move on from the crisis with your reputation intact.


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We would love to be of service. Please use our 24-hour hotline and we can discuss how we can help, in complete confidence and without obligation.