A unique, highly intensive, bespoke service dedicated to raising the personal profile of leaders.

/ What we do:

Connect you

Connect you with the right people; strengthening your network through strategic introductions at the highest level

Support you

Support you, advise you, act as a sounding board and help you be yourself


Secure major UK and global TV, radio and print media coverage and feature interviews


Organise exclusive events and secure prestigious speaking opportunities at international conferences


Optimise your online presence and use social media to bring your views to a wider audience


Win awards and honours that recognise your contribution to business and the wider community

/ How do we do this?

We get you ready

We get you ready

We discover and create opportunities

We discover and create opportunities

We make introductions and build connections

We make introductions and build connections

We create your online content

We create your online content

We work fast, always on hand 24/7

We work fast, always on hand 24/7

We deliver tangible results

We deliver tangible results

/ / What we do:


Your personal PR


Work behind the scenes


Accelerate you to the next level


Take the strain and protect you


Prepare and stand beside you

We will be there for you. Because we support you and not your businesses, we act as a personal sounding board. We go beyond traditional PR. We are a loyal advisor and counsellor, there to listen and offer practical solutions in every area of your career.

/ What we don't do:


Your company's PR


Replace your existing PR team


Create work for you


Expose you to hostile situations


Leave you unprepared

We don't try to change you. Modern audiences and influencers are looking for authenticity. They want a real person with real opinions. This applies whether you are a business leader, a politician, or a thought leader. We don't try to change you. We provide you with the platform on which to be yourself.

/ The detail:

Media coverage
Securing national and global media coverage

Unlike most other PR people, we're not interested in coverage for its own sake. Rather, it's our job to ensure you get the right kind of major news, TV and radio coverage in the UK and globally.

Feature interviews in the national press

Because we can get coverage in any national media, we’re choosy about the type of coverage we focus on. We secure in-depth timeless feature interviews that give you the space to expand your ideas. Our clients are featured in high-quality media such as the Financial Times, Telegraph, The Times and Forbes magazine.


Securing invitations to write high-profile comment pieces

We have excellent one-to-one relationships with senior journalists. This means that once you become one of our clients, journalists trust us to help you meet their needs in terms of articles, comment pieces or columns. We can help you develop your ideas, write what’s needed on your behalf or support you to write pieces yourself.


TV/radio interviews and commentating

Our clients are regular guests on TV and radio programmes and rolling news shows including Newsnight, Bloomberg, The Today Programme, World Finance, Sky News and BBC News 24. We secure these opportunities, help you shape your message, prepare and, where necessary, build confidence and banish nerves.

Thought Leadership
Building recognition as a Thought Leader

We create high-quality mobile compatible blogs and networking collateral that gives key players and the media the in-depth information and understanding they need to connect with you.

Ensuring you proper credit for your ideas and accomplishments

Business leaders, entrepreneurs and people at the very top of organisations can be so focused on their work that this leaves a gap for others to use PR to take the credit for their innovations or unique perspectives. Internal marketing teams also don’t have time for this kind of work – it’s not at the top of their to-do list. That’s where we step in. We can ensure you get the recognition you deserve at home and abroad.



A personal blog helps build your reputation and profile. We design and build your blog, commission new portrait photography, and keep it up to date. Some clients like to write their own blog posts, some ask us to fully ghost-write them; and others give us their detailed thoughts over the phone, allowing us to create the blog posts using their voice. We adapt to your individual working style to ensure that your blog is always fresh.


Email newsletters

Regular newsletters keep journalists and potential high-value new connections up to date on your activities. They’re also a great way to ensure you can get your comments on the week’s breaking news stories and events in front of the media. Our newsletters regularly lead to journalists requesting comment pieces from our clients.

Speaking engagements
Global speaking engagements

We identify all the top global speaking opportunities on your behalf; giving you details, research and advice on big-ticket events across the globe from Asia and the Middle East to Europe, the USA, Africa and South America. We contact the organisers for you and arrange all the details of your appearance. All you have to do is turn up and speak. We help you clarify your message, draft your speech, and offer feedback on your delivery. For the big-ticket events, we can even film your speech and professionally publish it to your blog – ensuring your message is heard not just in the conference itself, but around the world.


Podcasts serve as a truly powerful tool in positioning you as a thought leader in your field. You’ll gain kudos simply by hosting a professionally produced show. But more than that, as you interview influential and incredible people in the space, the media, professionals and the public will see you as a leading mind in your field, and the common thread linking together all of the podcast’s fascinating insights.

Podcasting is also an unrivalled networking tool, giving you one-to-one access to experts and game changers you might otherwise never meet, putting you in an intimate setting, forging lasting and meaningful relationships.

The podcast boom is well documented. Nearly a third of the US population listens to a podcast every month, and listenership has more than doubled in the UK since 2013. You’ll be tapping into an incredibly loyal audience, spreading your message and your brand to thousands of people around the world.

We offer an end-to-end solution. Our team takes on the hard work, from coming up with a concept and name to scheduling guests, booking studios, writing scripts and editing the show. All you have to do is enjoy the best part of the podcasting experience: the conversations.

It’s important the podcast is seen as an entity in its own right, not as an afterthought. From the very first episode, it is a slick and polished product. Each episode has its own unique URL, which not only looks great, but is fantastic for SEO and shareability, so people will have no trouble finding your show. We also set up social media accounts to further promote the brand and post regularly on your behalf, as well as marketing the podcast so that it gains greater recognition.

Social media
Delivering tangible results from social media

We create online collateral that builds awareness and gets on the radar of the media and insiders in your industry. We set it all up for you and do as much or as little of the thinking, writing and producing as you want.


Twitter is vital to your long-term relationships with journalists, industry players and the commentariat. It’s a place where debate is had and opinion is formed. As a thought-leader, not only should you be doing Twitter the right way but you need to use it to strategically build your influence online. We set up a personal Twitter account and run it for you. We can write the tweets until you want to become involved or carry on tweeting on your behalf in the long term. We can secure 1000s of targeted followers in a short period of time including your key stakeholders, potential investors and international media.



We produce professional videos which showcase you, your campaigns and business activities. They act as a showreel for the media. Working in the UK and across the world, we have created powerful videos featuring CEOs and entrepreneurs. Our videos include launch events, speeches, video blogs and diaries.

Connecting you with the right people

We focus on 'door opening' - working together to identify the key people for you, securing access to these individuals and making personal introductions. And we help you maintain these relationships long term.

Making the right connections for you

Right from the start we find out who you need to connect with, and make it happen. Depending on your goals, this could be top-level players in government, influential societies, organisations or think-tanks. It could be founders or CEOs of global companies or other compatible high-net-worth individuals. If you have an ambition or business goal, we are here to help you achieve it.


Introducing you to the right media people

We use our networks to introduce you to all the right people – key media players, editors, senior journalists, producers and programme planners both in the UK and internationally – ensuring you are front-of-mind when a story breaks and they need an influential ‘talking head’ to go on the record.


Helping you break into new markets and territories

Sometimes you need a little extra help when it comes to awareness of you and your business in new markets. Taking a business and its leaders into new emerging markets requires experience and strong media connections. We have contacts and experience of taking clients into emerging markets including India, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa. We also have contacts in more established markets such as the USA, Asia and across Europe.

Organising prestigious UK and Global events

We have a track record of organising highly successful business events such as exclusive dinner meetings, breakfast networking meetings and launch events, both at home and abroad.

Exclusive dinner meetings in the UK and internationally

Our private dinner meetings are successful because we invite potential clients’ CEOs and carefully selected journalists to the same exclusive event. Neither party can afford to pass up the opportunity to meet in private at top-quality restaurants anywhere in the world.


Organising launch events

Alongside roundtable meetings and dinner events, we also develop and organise larger-scale launch events such as book launches and ‘open-house’ events. These events are usually held at respected London societies such as the Royal Society of Arts, or at the Houses of Parliament.


Roundtable discussions

We set up breakfast meetings at an exclusive club in central London, either roundtable discussions led by you on specific topics or small, select networking events. Everyone around the table will be at the top of their game; the people you need to meet. All you have to do is turn up.


A number of our clients have written successful books on subjects they are passionate about within their own industries. We can help get your book off the ground with introductions to professional co-authors, ghost writers and editors. We can also build anticipation of your book, create the collateral including websites and develop launch events which make your book a success long term.

Helping and supporting you to be yourself

We want you to be yourself; to be authentic. We are here to support you - not change you. We're here not just to help with your media relations but support you with every aspect of your business life and career.

Advising you and standing beside you

We are your confidential experts in every area of your business life. It’s our job to offer you sound professional advice and a sympathetic ear. It’s not always easy to be at the top of an organisation and we know it can be difficult to talk to others within the business. Our clients value our ability to act as a sounding board and occasional punch bag!


Building your confidence and authenticity

Sometimes being at a senior level can actually stifle your confidence. You become used to a certain way of operating that is entirely appropriate but not always completely authentic. However, when it comes to achieving your ultimate ambitions, you need to embrace straight-talking. Today, the news is a conveyor belt. It puts massive demands on the people who work in the media. That’s why we want you to be confident about being yourself. We can help you to become the media’s valuable, repeatable, breath of fresh air.

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