Dear Ebenezer,

It was great to meet you and your clerk yesterday, and as promised here is a skeleton proposal which outlines what we would propose doing for you in the first three months of our relationship.

Media profile

We have conducted a media landscape analysis and assessed the profile and reputation of your competitors. The money-lending sector is a very crowded one, as you are aware, and we will concentrate our attention on the high-end international publications like Forbes and Fortune. We will look to place opinion pieces in the specialist press as well as some ‘how-to’ and ‘lessons learned’ articles which journalists are very keen on (a draft of “My corporate hero: how Fezziwig formed me forever” for The Banker is attached for your comments; please use track changes so that we can distinguish between past, present and future versions).


We will create and maintain a blog for you to allow you to publicise your ideas, not just on the money-lending industry but beyond. Our creative team will be happy to work with you as closely as you like to develop content. Some potential blogs are:

The rattle of chains: the effect of a tight regulatory framework on lending and investment

Is lunch provided? How to make a networking event successful without breaking the bank

“Decreasing the surplus population”: matching manpower to resources

Let them laugh, and little heed them: targeting your publicity for maximum effect

Speaking opportunities

You have indicated that you would rather not travel by air for conferences, keynotes etc, so we have prepared a list of London- and Paris-based opportunities; rather a tale of two cities, I’m afraid. Pickwick Papers are looking for a speaker for their annual awards next year and we have started an application on your behalf; we are in contact with the organisers of next June’s G7 summit but these are hard times.


Having looked at your search results, as requested, they are still heavily dominated by the Marley episode last year. We know how keen you are to move on from this and focus on your work and your ideas for health and social care, but it will require a certain weight of intellectual collateral to begin improving the results. We need to be honest about the challenge and make sure your expectations are not too great.

Strategic introductions

We will arrange high-level contacts with key figures in your own industry and thought leaders more broadly. Some examples would be:

  • John Jarndyce, philanthropist and Forbes Rich List
  • Conversation Kenge, The Law Society
  • Allan Woodcourt, Royal College of Surgeons
  • Charley Hexam, Instagram influencer
  • Dr Parker Peps, Harley Street physician

To facilitate these connections, we will create and curate a LinkedIn account for you.

Social media

We have performed an assessment of your existing social media presence; your Twitter account is virtually inactive and you have three followers; your Facebook profile is very basic and you seem to have been ghosted by some of your connections; you are not on Instagram. We advise our clients that a lively and active social media presence can be an excellent way of projecting your image and enhancing your reputation. It is important to keep accounts fresh with new content, so we would aim to tweet for you at least once a day.

We look forward to hearing from you with your views on our ideas and seeing how we can progress this matter to get your reputation management underway in the New Year. Do please get in contact any time; the office will be open throughout the holiday period, including on Christmas Day.


The Right Angles team

cc R. Cratchit, clerk

Eliot Wilson

By Eliot Wilson - Head of Research

20 December 2019

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